End of an era

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Two years ago, I co-founded the company called Pixel Tree. As of yesterday, however, we closed. 

I remember December 2015 well. After months of being asked to do projects for friends, family and acquaintances, Michiel Vossen and I finally decided to officially start a company. We called it Pixel Tree. The idea behind the company name was that we’d help you grow thanks to powerful online content. We had a great start, with multiple projects for Sport Vlaanderen (then Bloso), myShopi, Kerrygold and more.

Sadly, we were not able to stay on that growing path. The number of projects decreased and we had difficulty finding new projects. Looking back, there are a couple of things we could’ve done differently, but that is not how I choose to look back at Pixel Tree.

It’s been an interesting time full of laughter, frustrations and lessons. Both on a professional level, as on a personal one. We’ve grown a lot and walk away from Pixel Tree with a smile.

I’d like to thank everyone who believed in us, especially all our clients.
It’s been great.