Some words on Helium-5

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Earlier today, we just finished filming the first episode of ‘Onstabiel.‘, the series on Helium-5

The reaction to the teaser that got dropped last week has been positive. Not as many views as I hoped but the Like/Dislike ratio has been kind and general reaction to it was nice. People sent me personal messages saying they were curious about what it’s going to become. I’ve even explained a bit more to just a couple of them and they all seem to be fairly interested in the results. But, what is all this anyway? What is Helium-5?

To be fair, that’s a good question. I’ve been very silent about what Helium-5 is and should become in 2018. The general idea is that my YouTube channel shouldn’t be centered around me any longer. I’m sure everyone is tired of looking at my face, so I wanted to change that. No longer about me, but about a story. The story of Helium-5 will be told in different ways and formats. And one those will be in the vlog series ‘Onstabiel.‘.

Helium-5 is not “my” channel, it’s a collective.

How did I get to this point? Simple, I felt like I wasn’t giving it everything I’ve got. For these past years, I’ve always wanted to create something bigger than just me sitting in front of the camera and talking. You see hints of me breaking out of that in shows like ‘Tea Time‘ and most recently the ‘Honest Tea Podcast‘ but there have been signs in all shapes and forms. With Helium-5, I want to put everything I’ve got into this channel. The best possible story in the best possible form of video. I hope (and believe) that ‘Onstabiel.’ will bring that. Especially after filming today, it’s going to be so good.

So to the people that are saying I’m “reinventing myself” again for the hundred time: No. I’m evolving and growing towards something bigger. There’s a difference.

What about randombelgium?

Currently, everything still looks like the good old randombelgium channel, but that will soon change. All videos will be removed. However, they will still be available on here, in the videos section. Changes should be completed by the end of February. From then on, the link towards the YouTube channel will also change to

Helium-5 will start on Tuesday the 13th of February 2018. Make sure to check it out (English subtitles will be provided)!